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Visit Champagne House Cattier

It all started in 1763 when the family Cattier cultivated a vineyard in Chigny-les-Roses, a small charming village in the heart of the Montagne de Reims, well-known for its excellent grapes. 

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The very specific fruity style of Champagne Cattier is at the same time expressive and very elegant. It is their Pinot Meunier who translates this typical note the best.

The Pinots Meuniers of their vineyards have always been very much appreciated by the winegrowers for the elaboration of their assemblies. Moreover, theyregularly hear that his customers praise the virtues of "this fruit", which they taste in their Champagnes, at the same time full of character and intense. The grandfather of Alexandre (General Président Director) had an expression of his own:"We bite into the bunch".

While maintaining their style for all generations because a family company as theirs can not escape from this rule. In this case, it has to be passed through from one generation to another. So, Alexandre's grandfather educated his father, who, himself, once educated Alexandre about the family heritage so he could lead the company. This transmission can sometimes be complicated,  sometimes simple for some Houses and families. Alexandre has always been proud and happy,, during all these years, to be able to exchange thoughts with his father about the elaboration of their Champagnes.


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