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Tours will be bookable from 15th June!

Tours will be bookable from 15th June!

Champagne House Pommery invites you to come and discover its beautiful domain and prestigious Champagne Tours & Tastings!

Admire the unique Clos Pompadour; 25 hectares of vines enclosed within the walls of the Domaine Pommery in Reims. Stroll through 18 kilometres of underground cellars. Live a vibrant experience at La Villa Demoiselle, a mixture of Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.


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In 1858, Madame Pommery took over the lead of the Champagne House. She invented Pommery’s brand image and started naming the cellar galleries after major world cities once her Champagne reached their markets. 

All guests of Champagne Pommery enter through the Carnot cellar, the central building of Champagne Pommery, topped with its imposing donjon tower on top of the splendid 116 steps staircase. The bas-relief artwork in the underground world accentuates the surreal beauty of these magnificent cellars.

Sustainable vine growing methods and unique production processes, reflect the quintessence of the Champagne Pommery style. 

‘... I wanted this estate to be like an open book, telling the story of the changing world around it ant the passage of time...

Madame Pommery


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