Champagne Houses

Types of Champagne

Blanc de Blancs

White Champagne made of entirely Chardonnay grapes.


Blanc de Noirs

White Champagne made of entirely black grapes.



A mixture of different wines, the cuvée combines the power of each vineyard.


Cuvée prestige

The exclusive variation of Champagne made by a Champagne House.

The most expensive Champagnes are made from Cuvées from Grand Cru vineyards in the Champagne region. Cuvées can be from a pure grape variety, such as Chardonnay or Pinot Noir or can be a mixture of several grape varieties.


Grand Cru

The best quality of grapes cultivated on the best terroirs.


Premier Cru

The second best quality of grapes cultivated on second best terroirs.



White and black grapes combined together to achieve a rosé coloured Champagne.



Champagne made of grapes of the harvest of one specific year, only the best grapes and harvest years.

The production quantity is limited, that is why Vintage Champagnes are more expensive. All Vintage Champagnes have their own character and taste. Vintage Champagnes have a year mentioned on the collerette (neck of the champagne bottle).


Non-vintage/Non Millésimé

Champagne with no explicit year.