Champagne Houses

What should be indicated on all Champagne labels

  • AOC: Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (the French quality mark, the name "Champagne" should be clearly visible)
  • The logo
  • The brand
  • The name of the producer or brand name
  • The location and country of origin (France)
  • The type
  • The percentage of alcohol
  • The volume of the bottle
  • The ingredients: if not mentioned on the bottle, the Champagne is a Non Vintage Brut and almost certainly blended with the three primary grape varieties.
  • The vintage: in case it contains 100% grapes from one specific year, this will be indicated on the bottle.
  • The village: village names explicitely mentioned denote the sole origin of the Champagne; otherwise, place names merely indicate the location of the producer. As qualified, it will indicate whether it is from Grand Cru or Premier Cru vineyard.
  • The indication of allergens
  • Information about the vines, date of dégorgement, the characteristics of the aroma and taste, associations with meals.