Champagne Houses

Grape Picking at Night and Dinner at harvest time


From 18.00-22.00 

The perfect timing for the night harvest will be to arrive at the estate towards the end of the afternoon.

You will visit the cellar and attend the grape pressing in a very effervescent atmosphere. Later on, for the aperitief you will try 3 different Champagnes and you will have a dinner with the harvesting team amidst the joy and the euphoria of the harvest! At twillight you will be led to the Clos Rocher, a parcel planted with Pinot Noir.

There you will receive your pair of gloves, your harvest basket and a canister. Then it will be your turn to play! Please be assured, an experienced grape harvester will be with you all along.

When the grape baskets will have been collected you will proceed to the wine presses, where you will share the final "friendship" glass.


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Activity type
Grape picker
on average
240 min
up to 30
Children allowed
Pets allowed
Wheelchair accessible
Spoken languages
English & French