L’expérience Cordon Rouge (Visite guidée en anglais)

L’expérience Cordon Rouge (Visite guidée en anglais)

4,7 rating


Plongez au cœur de la Maison Mumm au sein de ses 25 kilomètres de caves. Découvrez son histoire, celle du Cordon Rouge et dégustez ce Champagne légendaire.

 Gratuite pour les enfants jusque 10 ans. De 11 à 17 ans. € 12,=


Visite guidée en anglais


296 Avis

Aidan, US

  • Hamid, FR

  • Joop, NL

  • Was leuk

    Sofie, SE

  • Sarah, FR

  • Great guide!

    Verity, GB

  • Mahesh, US

  • It was our first ever champagne tour. Very informative. We had dinner there testing at Pol Couronne in the morning and You could see the difference in the more personal touch in the tasting between a smaller house and a commercial brand. It could be also because we were the only ones there. The cordon rouge at the shop was a great value compared to the outside and in the US

    Ali umit, NL

  • Jennifer, US

  • Our tour was conducted by an excellent guide. She was trying very hard to corral a small child and make sure everyone had an enjoyable and informative tour. However, with two children on the tour, it was less than an ideal situation. Maybe consider not allowing small children on tours to interfere with the enjoyment of paying adults. Again, the guide was doing her best to make sure the rest of us had as good of an experience as possible.

    Megan, US

  • This tour was easy to book. The tour itself was so interesting and informative; you can feel the passion behind the product and our guide was so kind. It was a little difficult to get to the location (ended up taking a cab), but everything else was smooth sailing.


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