Een Tour en Proeverij 3 Champagnes

Een Tour en Proeverij 3 Champagnes

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U maakt een Tour door onze fermentatie-ruimte, de kelders, het museum en de distilleerderij.

Het bezoek wordt gevolgd door een Proeverij van 3 Champagnes, aanbevolen door de Gault&Millau gids:

– Grande Cuvée Brut, 100% Pinot Noir

– Champ Persin Brut, 100% Chardonnay

– Vignes Beugneux Brut, 100% Pinot Noir


2 Beoordelingen

Gareth, BE

  • A great informative tour and tasting, that explained all of the elements of champagne production from the vine to the bottle. It was good to hear the obvious passion and pride in a process and product that means so much to individuals.

    Jacqueline, Italy (international group)

  • I would recommend Champagne Moutard to anyone visiting Troyes. A house with heritage and great products. The tour covered from vinyards to production sites to cellars, and we had the opportunity to taste interesting wines straight from the barrels. What they do is so much more than other champagne producers, in terms of use of grapes. Alex was very attentive and knowledgeable, just a great host! This maison will be my must-visit when I am in champagne



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