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Reims Champagne: Tours & Tastings in this part of the Champagne region, La Montagne de Reims, situated between Reims and Épernay, can be booked the whole year. Beside cellar Tours and champagne tasting activities there are a lot of other things to do. You can visit Dom Perignon in Hautvillers, a small village nearby Épernay or you can stay in a luxury tree house. An other unique experience is to saber a bottle of Champagne at the boutique of Champagne Pol Couronne in the heart of Reims. And ofcourse, don’t forget to visit the beautiful and famous cathedral in Reims . Reims has a big train station. You will get there with the train to champagne from paris within 45 minutes.

Book online the best Reims Champagne Tour at small, big, popular and famous Champagne Houses in Reims Champagne and surrounding area. A map of Champagne Houses will be your guide to find your favorite Champagne House and to book a beautiful cellar tour and Champagne tasting.
Compare the Champagnes of a big Champagne House like Champagne Pommery and a smaller family wine grower such as Champagne Trichet Loraine (this small Champagne House is rated as Best Champagne Tour!)

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