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We have listed some Champagne facts for you.
Practical information and very handy to know before visiting the most beautiful Champagne Houses in the Champagne region of France.

  1. More than 15.000 wine growers are responsible for the cultivation of 90% of the Champagne region. Some produce their own wines; some sell their grapes to other (bigger) Champagne Houses.
  2. Terroir is how a particular region’s climate, soils and aspect (terrain) affect the taste of the wine. Some regions are said to have more ‘terroir’ than others.
  3. According to the law of 1927, the part of the appellation Champagne covers 34.000 hectares.
  4. Champagne is best to be stored at a temperature around 7-12 °C.
  5. Champagne is best to be served at a temperature around 8-10 °C.
  6. The size of the bubbles of Champagne is a result of how cold it was in the cellar. The colder the cellar, the smaller the bubbles and the better the quality.
  7. 1 bottle of Champagne contains about 1,2 kg grapes.
  8. Only wine of grapes that are cultivated in the Champagne region by the Méthode Traditionelle are allowed to carry the name Champagne.
  9. About 90% of the Champagnes are a blend of 2/3 black grapes and 1/3 Chardonnay.
  10. Typical for Champagne is that it consists of a blend of wines from different vintages.


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