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Paul, Netherlands

  • One of the best tours from an expert, a huge wealth of knowledge and we all enjoyed the learning experience. Thank you very much for one of the best visits and tours of a premier champagne houses.

    Thomas, UK

  • Two of us visited the Champagne house, we had a great visit. The guide was brilliant, spoke good English and explained the process of Champagne making. We had a great tasting, very generous glasses and we were able to choose which wines to taste. It was fantastic value for what we got. I came away with a couple of bottles and having had a great tour in a lovely village at a wonderful family-run business

    Akain, België

  • The Mumm cellar is very easy to access, the visit is very professional, very dynamic and very instructive. All the staff encountered are very pleasant. Good address. The price is very reasonable, everything great. Thank you.

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