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Champagne Gardet

Champagne Gardet

The  Champagne House Gardet is founded in 1895 by Charles Gardet, a former shopkeeper with an adventurous mind, the House was founded in Epernay. Charles Gardet was the founder of what was to become one of the great, classic Champagne Houses. 



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George, the son of Charles, moved the house to Chigny-les-Roses, a villiage classified as Premier Cru wine village. 

George Gardet proceeded to strive the rigorous house quality rules of production, strictly managing the quality of every aspect of production in both the vineyards and the winery. Passionately run and still family owned, the Prieux family continues to pass the knowledge from generation to generation, pushing the quality levels, developing the wines and the Méthode Traditionelle" technnique, respecting tradition whilst using the latest technological innovations.

Stephanie Sucheyre, their winemaker since 2007, sees herself as the custodian of this precious tradition while combining the modern with history and authenticity inspired by Charles over 100 years ago.

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