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The Côte de Sézanne is essentially a continuation of the Côte des Blancs, separated only by the marshes of Saint Gond and largely dominated by the same variety, the Chardonnay grape. Here, its expression is richer and rounder and the wines do not possess the same ageing capacity as the Champagnes of the Grand Cru villages of Côte des Blancs.

The sub-soil is mostly clay and clayey silt with some pockets of chalk and the vines are oriented towards the south-east. Like the Côte des Blancs it’s mainly planted with Chardonnay (64%) but around a fifth is given over to Pinot Meunier. Thanks partly to the favourable south-easterly aspect, the wines tend to get riper and be more forward and fruitier than those in the Côte des Blancs, some say slightly more rustic and less fine.

It is well worthwhile for you to stop over here and follow the less trodden paths!

Best Champagne Houses to visit in this region

Champagne Yveline Prat
Côte de Sézanne
Creators of cheerful and delicious Champagnes in Vert Toulon
4 Activities
Champagne Breton Fils
Côte de Sézanne
A Champagne House of over 70 years in Congy
3 Activities
From € 8,00
Champagne Daniel Collin
Côte de Sézanne
A Champagne House with a view of the vineyards in Baye
1 Activities
From € 8,00
Domaine Collet-Champagne
Côte de Sézanne
A Champagne House managed by 3 brothers in Fontaine Denis
2 Activities