A Tasting of 1 Champagne of choice

A Tasting of 1 Champagne of choice

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The vineyards of Champagne Joël Falmet are situated on the slopes facing the south southeast and the northwest. The vineyard is planted with 67% Pinot Noir, 17% Pinot Meunier, 15% Chardonnay and 1% Petit Meslier.

Discover the Champagnes of Champagne Joël Falmet with a Tasting of 1 Champagne of your choice.


3 Reviews

Miet, BE

  • Het was ok. wel vreemd dat er geen enkele prijslijst voor handen was....

    Sara, La Suède

  • Very nice visit. Can definitely recommend a visit.

    Peter, Belgie

  • Nice visit, everything in this champagne house is done by the owner. What was interesting to see were the presses.


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