Discovery Experience (English guided Tour)

Discovery Experience (English guided Tour)

4.7 rating


Enjoy an ENGLISH guided Tour through our cellars, with a presentation of the House, the unique “Clos Lanson” vineyard and the different stages of the production process in a working context (fermentation room, bottles on wooden wine racks, ageing, remuage, oenothèque, etc)

The Tour will be followed by a Tasting of 2 glasses of Champagne:

  • Black Label Brut
  • Lanson “Le Rosé”

Price children 10-18 years € 15,= (free for children under 10 years)

Weekend Tours possible for groups larger than 25 people: Click Here


260 Reviews

Sanna, EE

  • Very interesting tour with good overview of champagne making process.

    Peter, GB

  • Zoe, AU

  • Juha, FI

  • Ashlee, AU

  • M., FR

  • Vikki, GB

  • Annelies, NL

  • De eerste Engelstalige tour "Discovery Experience" begon op tijd en begon met de geschiedenis van het Champagnehuis Lanson, daarma gingen we naar buiten naar de 1 ha grote Clos Lanson met uitleg over de wijn. Na Clos Lanson gingen we binnen langs de opgeslagen stalen wijnvaten en de houten eiken wijnvaten en liepen we tot slot een stuk door de wijnkelders van 7 km. De proeverij na de tour was heerlijk. We vonden het allemaal een geslaagde tour. Annelies & André

    Knud Jacob, NO

  • Excellent tour with a knowledgeable and pleasant guide, who explained the history of the house and the wine making process very well. Also got to see the plot of vines that Lansing has in the middle of the city. The champagne also tasted very nice!

    Russell, GB

  • This is a great tour, especially as it includes both a visit to the walled vineyard as well as the production site and the cellars. I perhaps would suggest a little more time is taken with the history of champagne making. I thought the tasting was done extremely well and our tour guide was extremely good too. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the tour.


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