A Tour and Tasting 3 Champagnes

A Tour and Tasting 3 Champagnes

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Claude Gruet and his son Pierre-Charles make an art of tasting and the rare and unique style of their Champagnes is a result of their power and conviction.

The precious nectar evolves patiently in the dark cellars. During the elaboration of their Champagnes, time is their ally and patience their secret. Champagne Gruet also produces: Rosé de Saignée, Cuvée 3 Blancs, 100% Arbane et 100% Pinot Blanc Champagnes.

You will have a guided Tour through the cellar with an explanation about the production process of Champagne and you will see the wine press, the fermentation tanks, the labelling machines and the different bottles.

The Tour is followed by a Tasting where you will appreciate 3 Champagnes from the range.


6 Reviews

Belinda, BE

  • Nina, Nederland

  • We booked the tour but upon arrival the champagne house turned out to be closed. Even though we specifically looked for houses that would be open and according to the website they should’ve been. Also based on the fact we were actually able to book.

    Virginie, België

  • Hans, Belgium

  • s, holland

  • s, holland

  • A very nice visit, friendly people. Aube is fantastic!



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