Masterclass Food & Prestige Champagnes

Masterclass Food & Prestige Champagnes

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Live a sensory experience at Champagne Brimoncourt!

Step into the history of the Champagne House with a visit to its bicentenary premises.

This former Champagne label printing office, hides many esthetic surprises. Here, you will discover the spirit of Champagne Brimoncourt in order to better understand their Champagnes.

Your visit is followed by a Masterclass in 2 steps: the story behind Champagne and the history of Champagne making.

After this, you will have a Tasting of the Champagne Brimoncourt range with pairing appetizers (St Jacques, sushi, oysters, etc.). This is the best way to appreciate the richness of the Brimoncourt Champagnes!


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