Trade Registration on the bottle

  • Matriculation Number: a series of digits, the matriculation number, a code assigned by the CIVC (authority of Champagne wines) to each producer. The 2 preceding initials, indicate the type of producer.
  • R=Récoltant: a wine grower
  • NM: Négociant-Manipulant: mentioned on the label of large Champagne Houses which buy their grapes from a wide variety of other growers and produce the Champagne under their own name.
  • RM: Récoltant-Manipulant: a wine grower who grows and produces Champagne from the grapes of its own vineyard.
  • RC: Récoltant-Coopérateur: a wine grower who is a member of a cooperative that grows grapes and sells the wine.
  • CM=Coopérative de Manipulation: a cooperative that produces wine from the grapes of its members.
  • SR: Société de Récoltants.: a number of growers bonded together sharing the same winery but produce under their own brands. This differs from a Coopérative-Manipulant because the wine growers are keeping their grapes separate, produce under their own brand and are directly involved in the process of winemaking.
  • ND: Négociant Distributor: a company that sells Champagne, which is not produced by themselves.
  • MA: Marque d’Achéteur: the name of the purchaser on the bottle, such as a restaurant, supermarket or wine merchant.