A Tour and Tasting of 5 Champagnes

A Tour and Tasting of 5 Champagnes

4.2 rating


A Tour of our installation with an explanation about the various tools that are used during the process from a bunch of grapes to the bottle sold.

Your Tour will be followed by a commented Tasting of 5 Champagnes. 

You will have the possibility to enjoy the Tasting in the vineyards, situated just behind the House.


5 Reviews

Erick, FR

  • M., nederland

  • Johanna, Les Pays-Bas

  • Wij kwamen aan op de afgesproken tijd tegen 11 uur 's ochtends. Er was niemand behalve de behanger, die wist te vertellen dat er op z'n vroegst om half 1 weer iemand zou zijn. We hebben schriftelijk bericht achter gelaten dat we voor niets voor de deur stonden. Ook daarop hebben we niets vernomen. Teleurstellend, want we hadden er 25 km voor gereden.

    Sven, België

  • Passionate people with respect for the traditional way of making champagne. Eye opening experience.

    Neil, UK

  • Fantastic visit with Harvé last weekend, such a friendly, welcoming, local family experience. Exactly what we were looking for. You have to try the Blanc des Noir Champagnes.. #special!


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