Tour & Tasting of 3 Champagnes

Tour & Tasting of 3 Champagnes

4.7 rating


Champagne House Didier Herbert in Rilly-la-Montagne will be happy to welcome you. The making of the Champagnes will be explained, a tour of the cellar, followed by a commented champagne tasting of three beautiful Grand Cru Champagnes:

– Mailly Grand Cru

– l’Extra-Brut

– Millésime 2009 Blanc de Blanc aged in oak barrels


15 Reviews

Helmut, DE

  • My wife and I absolutely enjoyed this mouthwatering Champagne Tasting event, conducted by Clarisse. She did a wonderful and very entertaining job in introducing us to all the interesting facts in regard to the product "Champagne". We appreciated every single minute with Clarisse, who is utterly knowledgeable in the champagne business. Furthermore, all 3 champagnes we tried were so delicious, that we bought several bottles each. Thank you very much again. We WILL come back, because we truly liked our stay at this location. We had just a fabulous time.

    Barbara, FR

  • Très bon accueil. Aucune visite de cave par contre (La Maison n'a pas été avertie de notre réservation - mais ils nous ont accueilli chaleureusement).

    Klaus, DE

  • Excellent tour and tasting. Very engaging visit with our lovely guide Heidi. Highly recommended!

    Solene, France

  • Vera, Nederland

  • Brianna, Germany

  • The champagne was delicious and the tour was very informative!

    Alina, Belgium

  • We expected a more personal approach but it was chaotically arranged and not very friendly for a local champagne house. We will not return.

    Lauren, Belgique

  • Merci beaucoup pour la visite!

    Guillaume, België

  • Daniel, USA


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