A Tasting of 3 Champagnes

A Tasting of 3 Champagnes

5.0 rating


Jean and his wife Virginie, strive to continue the family tradition of Champagne making by paying the utmost attention to their soils, their work and their vines.

This care is expressed in their Champagnes.

You will have a commented Tasting by the wine grower where will enjoy 3 Grand Cru Champagnes.

For availabilities Click here indicating the name of the Champagne House


3 Reviews

Kristine, United States

  • The owner, Jean, and English translator, Adrian, were there to greet us at the door ready and excited. We sat at their dining room table to taste all of their delicious Champagnes while Jean and Adrian educated us about their family’s estate and history. It is definitely worth a visit!

    Stefano, Belgium

  • Dale, Australia

  • The most personal, intimate champagne tasting ever! The hosts welcomed us into their elegant historic home, passionately explained the history, process and range of champagne on offer. The champagnes are exceptional, with a wonderful balance of taste and aromas, easily on a par with better known champagne houses. We would recommend Juillet-Lallement to anyone interested in a great product. We would love to return and course, wish we had bought more!!


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