Tour wijngaard en Proeverij 5 Champagnes

Tour wijngaard en Proeverij 5 Champagnes

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Wij willen u graag kennis laten maken met onze wijngaard en zullen u hier alles over vertellen.

Uw Tour wordt gevolgd door een Proeverij van 5 Champagnes.

We verheugen ons op uw bezoek!


4 Beoordelingen

Marijke, Nederland

  • Pierre Laurent, the owner of the vineyard, gave us the tour and it was really nice! He is very passionate about his campagne and could tell us a lot about the grapes and production. Afterwards we tasted three champagnes, which were really good!

    Josh, USA

  • My wife and I visited and took a tour of the vineyards. We were not disappointed. We had previously done a few tours of champagne houses and the caves start to get old after a while. It was very refreshing to see the vineyards this time. We were lucky enough to have a private tour with Mr. Laurent himself. He was wonderful at explaining the growing process and the other aspects that had been more or less glossed over during our other tours. He was even kind enough to give us passes to an expo occurring during the time that he couldn't use! Overall, I would highly recommend visiting Champagne Pierre Laurent while you are in the region. Between Mr. Laurent and the views, this is a MUST visit. and the champagne was DELICIOUS!!

    Eimantas, UK

  • The address for venue is dead end no-one was there, followed signs and there was no tour, what a waste of time

    Ronald, NL

  • Excellent tour, great experience. Very personal touch by someone who clearly knows ánd loves what he is doing. Highly recommended.


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