Paradis Tour

Paradis Tour

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Come and discover the secrets of the elaboration of our Champagnes…

We will start by opening the doors of our centuries-old Champagne storehouse, where the essence of the Alfred Gratien Champagnes will meet you.

Then we will descent to the cellars, situated 18 m below street level, to discover the treasure of the House; more than a kilometer of chalk cellars. Here you will discover a million bottles ageing in the silence and the darkness.

Your Tour is followed by a Tasting of 3 Champagnes of choice among the classic, Vintage and Paradis range.


66 Reviews

Znoukh, BE

  • Very friendly staff and informative tour. I actually learned a lot about my own taste in champagne. We didn't end up buying any bottles because their champagne was a little more acidic than we prefer. However, it is without doubt the better quality champagne we tasted in the region. Very glad we did our tour here and not elsewhere.

    Sean, SE

  • Melissa was a great guide! The fact that guests could choose what champagnes to taste is such a wonderful concept. Because we were able to try various vintages, we ended up with 6 bottles each of my two favourites! I wish all champagne houses would follow their example! Overall a great experience and one which I warmly recommend.

    PIET, BE

  • Frederic, NL

  • Pieter, Nederland

  • NULL

    Hans, Pays bas

  • NULL

    Geert, België

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    Gilles, Belgique

  • Very nice tour. English of the guide was very well. Very good champagne. I would definately recommend to go.

    Nish, Belgium

  • Great

    Lawrence, United Kingdom

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