A Masterclass Champagne

A Masterclass Champagne

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Do you want to discover the world of Champagne or simply refine your knowledge about the king of wines? Then, the Pol Couronne Masterclass is something for you!

You will learn everything you need to know about Champagne, from harvest to bottling.

The Masterclass begins with a presentation of the history of the House and our Cuvées.

Then, you will discover three Champagnes:

– Our Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs

– Our Brut

– Our Brut Grand Cru 75-25, our Brut Rosé or our Vintage 2012

This discovery of our Champagnes will be in a Tasting glass that will allow you to use your different senses to fully enjoy the subtleties of our Champagnes.

In addition to this Tasting, you will discover the art of serving Champagne.

Of course, the Pol Couronne hosts will be at your disposal to answer all your questions.


31 Reviews

Jo, United kingdom

  • Was a perfect tasting experience for the 5 people. Lovely location near the cathedral. We did the masterclass, Great champagne from a boutique house. 3 full glasses to drink at leisure, with lots of information to absorb. Highly recommended

    James, NL

  • Well explained and very pleasant tastings.

    Emma, Nederland

  • Het was een leuke masterclass met proeverij! De mevrouw gaf goede, leuke en heldere uitleg over de maak van champagne en meer. We kregen 3 soorten champagne. Bij de laatste mochten we zelf kiezen uit drie champagnes! We kregen erg volle glazen waardoor we daarna wel wat aangeschoten geworden waren. Een tip zou zijn om iets van eten aan te bieden, kaasjes of olijven of iets dergelijks;)

    Jessica, Netherlands

  • Patrick C, Suisse

  • Pol Couronne is great. The masterclas we booked unfortunately was a bit overshadowed by lots of other guests having a drink at Pol Couronne and the place being understaffed. The girl working there did her very best to accomodate us and provide us with the masterclass info, but was frequently occupied by serving others. Great and friendly service, but unfortunately understaffed.

    Cindy, Australia

  • Marko, Germany

  • Fernanda, Brazil

  • Elaine, United States

  • Very informative & great champagne. Great way to start our trip to Reims.

    Thomas, Germany

  • Very good champagne and very friendly and competend Guide !!!


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