The Journey

The Journey

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The visit:

Welcome to a truly unique journey among the green sea of Champagne. Be a part of our family and experience a day filled with passion, tradition, innovation, exclusivity and golden bubbles!

A dose of Passion: Champagne – From birth to maturity

Together we’ll leave at 11:00 to explore our vineyards in the Côte des Blancs, just above the village of Bergéres-les-Vertus, where our Champagne House is located. Among the vines we initiate the guided Tour, where we tell our story together with our winemaker. We discuss the work at the vineyards and what part of the cultivation is proceeding at the moment.

A taste of Tradition: Lunch à la Champenoise

We then cheer together with our Champagne to celebrate the opening of a fantastic day. A traditional lunch among the vines with Champagne and light lunch, we enjoy this symbolic lunch à la Champenoise.

A touch of Innovation: Champagne Tasting and Tour of our new facility

Then we return to the House together and introduce a tasting of our Champagnes. We show you around in our newly built Members House, wine cellar and production facility, where our Personal Vintage Champagnes are manufactured and stored.

A breeze of Exclusivity: Personal Vintage

After a full day of bubbles, laughs and unforgettable experiences, you will now have the opportunity to create something extraordinary and unique: your own Champagne! We will taste Champagnes from 3 different vineyards from the Côte des Blancs and you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite and add personal characteristics for the Champagne to be just as you wish. (Obs. Invitation only)

We warmly welcome you to enjoy this day with us and discover the future of Champagne!


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  • Peter, Belgie

  • Very exclusive and unique champagne house. After a warm welcome we visited the vineyard to taste the first champagne during lunch. Back at the house we tasted some magnificent champagnes and we completed our tour. It was a nice, interesting and educational experience! Thank you Johanna for spending so much time with us, hope to return soon as a member...


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