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Visit Champagne House Jean Milan in Oger

Visit Champagne House Jean Milan in Oger

Our family has a built up a know how of more than 152 years, passed over from generation to generation since 1864. Today, the 5th generation, son Jean-Charles Milan, has taken over the lead with respect to the traditional family values.

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Per adult
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Oger is situated in the heart of the Côte des Blancs and is one of the 17 classified Grand Cru villages , meaning that it has one of better soils of the Champagne region. The vineyards produce a very exclusive grape: the Chardonnay, known as the noble grape. It's the only popular white grape variety used for Vintage Champagnes. The Chardonnay provides freshness, delicacy and longevity. It is here, in Oger, that through our ancestral know-how during the years, we have succeeded in combining tradition with new technologies and optimize the unequalled beauty of the Chardonnay, so that this exceptional soil is recognized as the one of largest of the Champagne region.

The traditional pressing by our old wine presses is first stage of a long production process. The picking of the grapes by hand is a priority for us in order to be able to select the most beautiful grapes of the year. The juice seeping alongside the wine press is a magical moment that represents the start of many years of necessary care for the elaboration of our Champagnes.

Thanks to our artisanal and precise wine making, either in small tanks for delicacy, or in oak barrels for “body”, our blends only consist of wines of selected years providing them character and aromas. After the bottling, done at the property, the liqueur de tirage and the second fermentation, the wine becomes sparkling. It is stored during several years in the coldness and quietude of our chalk cellars, so that the future Champagne can slowly mature and develop its elegance. During this long rest, the remuage and the removal of the sediment take place according to our tradition.

All this work is carried out by ourselves with passion and according to tradition, our family signature is reflected in the style of our Champagnes, our vineyards and in your glass.

Côte des Blancs & Epernay
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Blanc de blancs, Grand Cru, Cuvée Reserve, Brut, Zero Dosage, Blanc de noirs, Rosé & Vintage
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Average rating: 4.3
(15 reviews)
Tom, United Kingdom, 19 August 2019
Kim, Nederland, 16 August 2019
Pekka, Finland, 13 August 2019
Charlotte, Nederland , 5 August 2019
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Super lieve dame! En heerlijke champagne
Super sweet lady! And delicious champagne
Super douce dame! Et délicieux champagne
Kelly, België, 1 August 2019
Ronny, Belgie, 10 July 2019
Fay, UK, 16 June 2019

We love Champagne House Jean Milan and strongly recommend a visit. Go visit a boutique family run champagne house rather than the corporate brand names. First and foremost the Jean Milan champagne is delicious, you can also tour. This visit we took our time and enjoyed the charcuterie platter in the sunshine.
Nous aimons la Maison de Champagne Jean Milan et recommandons fortement une visite. Allez visiter une maison de champagne familiale dirigée par une famille plutôt que par les marques d’entreprise. Avant tout le champagne Jean Milan est délicieux, vous pouvez aussi faire une tournée. Cette visite nous a pris notre temps et avons apprécié le plateau de charcuterie au soleil.
Danielle, Paus Bas, 10 June 2019
Paolo, Italy, 31 March 2019
gregory, united kingdom, 19 February 2019
Julia, UK, 29 August 2018
Cindee, USA, 3 August 2018
Stephanie Clare, Canada, 4 July 2018
H., Netherlands, 23 June 2018

In the charming vilage Oger we had a nice champagne tasting at Jean Milan. Nice tasting of 3 champagnes.
Dans le charmant village d'Oger, nous avons eu une belle dégustation de champagne chez Jean Milan. Belle dégustation de 3 champagnes.
Samuli, Finland, 27 May 2018

Good house to get youself familiar with Oger style. Very mineral and austere wines. The tasting glasses however could have been better. Very narrow flutes to appereciate likes of Terres de Noel.
Bonne maison pour se familiariser avec le style Oger. Vins très minéraux et austères. Les verres à dégustation auraient pu être meilleurs. Flûtes très étroites pour apprécier les Terres de Noel.