“Joyau de France” (English guided Tour)

“Joyau de France” (English guided Tour)

4.8 rating


Discover the historical cellars under the Avenue de Champagne, recognized in the UNESCO World Heritage, including the family treasure with bottles dating from 1834.

Come across the stainless steel vats and the oak barrels used to create our fine Champagnes.

Enjoy this unforgettable experience through the underground cellars, the winery and the Tasting of 2 different Boizel Champagnes. You will learn about the history and the know-how of the Boizel family since 1834.

The ENGLISH guided Tour will be followed by a Tasting of the exclusive Joyau de France Champagnes; Joyau de France 2004 and Joyau de France 2007.

The visit is free for children up to 10 years old.

From 11 to 17 years old: Tour + an artisanal fruit juice, € 12,=

For groups of more than 8 people or private visits: Click here


25 Reviews

Anonymous, IT

  • Claire, FR

  • Wonderful experience with a really great guide.

      Reply Champagne Boizel

      Bonjour Claire, Thank you very much for your kind words! It has been a pleasure to have you here. Take care! Best regards, Leire

    Antonio, Netherlands

  • Sylvia, Germany

  • Roz, U.K.

  • Disappointing in comparison to other tours. The tour Guide’s commentary was initially significantly affected by the noise of cleaning until we descended into the cellars. Also we felt the description of the wine was more superficial. The highlight was definitely the “treasure “ rescued by the Boizel family many years ago. The main disappointment was that I was expecting to taste 3 exceptional wines (Joyau de France) when in fact it was only 2. I was unimpressed by the way this was dealt with by the Staff who refused to accept that it was anything to do with them & said that the person giving me the tour information must have made a typo!

    Patrick, The Netherlands

  • Tour guide was very friendly and was open for questions.

    Sune, Belgium

  • Excellent tour, interesting with the scientific approach to the champagne making + the interest in innovation with ss & oak vats. Very Knowledgeable guide

    Peter, Uk

  • Very professional - excellent insight into Champagne and the family ????

    Lien, België

  • Joni, United States

  • Excellent tour and tasting! If you are more than a wine tourist and want a more in depth explanation of methodology in wine production and not just a labels history choose this one! Also, they make a delicous wine!



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