Glass in the Vineyard Tour

Glass in the Vineyard Tour

3.3 rating


On the heights of our domain:

In the vineyard, you will have an explanation about its cycle, its history, the insects, the diseases… It is a story about passion, passed on from generation to generation. In the vineyards, you will taste 1 glass of Champagne.

Your Visit will be followed by a Tasting of 1 Champagne in our Champagne Bar offering a panoramic view on the vineyards. During the summer, you can relax on the terrace.


3 Reviews

Robin, Canada

  • Didn’t really see much other than a basement loading area. Do not touch this lady’s dog because according to her there is only one way to touch her dog. Why have it at the shop? We booked the tour for 20 people and only 17 showed up and she told us we had to pay for all 20. No other tour did this to us.

    Mastak Pal, United Kingdom

  • Hennie, Nederland

  • Ik vond de uitleg over de wijngaard interessant en een mooi aanvulling op de kelders die we hebben gezien. Het ontvangst was hartelijk.


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